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The Clef du Vin enables you to instantly reveal the qualities of a wine. It works effectively on all types of wine: white, sparkling, rosé, red and naturally sweet wines.
With a simple dip of la Clef du Vin in your wine, it allows you to instantly tune the wine to your taste. Its unique process will reveal within seconds the qualities in the wine. You will also be able to easily determine the aging potential of your favorite wines.
The Travel model will follow you everywhere, to restaurants or wineries.
A worldwide exclusive from Peugeot, approved by the greatest sommeliers in the world as well as winegrowers.

How to:

Dip the dot on Clef du Vin into the wine. Every second the dot is in contact with the wine is the equivalent of one year's ageing. Each successive dipping of the Clef du Vin should be added to the previous one (1 second + 1 second equals to 2 seconds' contact, which equals two years' ageing). As the wine retains its quality, or improves after repeated contact with the dot (or one single contact lasting a few seconds), that is an indication it can be laid down. If the wine loses its qualities after a few seconds' contact,  it has no keeping potential. It must be drunk in a short time.

Technical explanations:

Wine undergoes a natural oxygen reduction process as it ages in the bottle. It matures, gradually reaching a period of equilibrium when it can be appreciated at its best (the peak), then it declines, losing its qualities. The Clef du Vin enables this development to be accelerated by reproducing the oxygen reduction mechanism in a controlled, regulated manner. As it acts as a catalyst, it passes no substance on to the wine and cannot wear out. It is guaranteed effective for life. 

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