For over fifty years, Dualit toasters have reflected an attitude that's fundamentally British. Dualit toasters can turn out hundreds of crisp, golden slices per hour. They are gleaming, sturdy and tough as old boots. And as much a part of British life as toast itself.

A bulwark of craftsmanship in an assembly-line world, the Dualit company actually hand produces each and every one of its famed top-quality toasters. A tribute to British design, the toasters have cut a stylish profile and withstood rigorous use since they were invented by engineer Max Gort-Barten in 1946. Dualit has its roots in catering equipment and creates its products--from corkscrews to coffee makers--with innovative engineering, functional structure, and rugged durability. Each product is also designed with an elegant appearance in harmony with its hard-working components. Today Dualit toasters are recognized as the best in the world. Part of a range of hard-working products they are designed to a standard that remains unsurpassed.